Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nixe tuna salads (rice and Mediterranean)

Tuna salad with rice
Price: £1.59 (currently two for £3, which I do not approve of)

Score (out of five): 4 1/2 (rice); 2 1/2 (Mediterranean)

Review: these were one of those utterly random Lidl buys. I was picking up some John West salmon and noticed these next to them, so I thought I'd give the rice salad a whirl for lunch.

Mediterranean style
And wow. I was amazed. Really big meaty chunks of tuna; well cooked rice; and the combination of peppers, olives and sweetcorn worked really well. From 220g you also get 21g of protein, so with a thick slice of bread, it was enough to keep me feeling full until dinner time. And, if you're active and on a high protein diet like me, they're an ideal low-carb, low-GI, high protein lunch.

The Mediterranean one less so. As you can see, it resembles cat food. Luckily it doesn't taste like cat food, but it's no way near as good as the rice one. I don't like pasta cooked in this sort of way - it's a bit like eating rubber worms. Also, the tomato sauce that it's in is a lot like the stuff you get covering tinned sardines. Not ideal. 

But, the tuna one's were so good, I've bought a pile of them and they'll now be my lunch quite often. Very nice indeed. They've also made me brave enough to give the Nixe tinned tuna a try. Once my John West runs out, I'll buy some of that and let you know what it's like. 

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