Monday, 9 March 2015

Cien - sensitive handwash

Price: 59p

Score (out of five): 5

Review: to say I'm brand loyal with my toiletries would be the understatement of the decade (literally). Since the age of 17 my beauty regime has consisted of Herbal Essences for Dry Hair, Sanex bodywash and Clean and Clear face scrub. I tried an own-brand shower gel once and got eczema. 

But handwash, well you don't use it very often. Again, well done Lidl - it's really good. Most importantly, it smells bloody lovely. It's marketed as sensitive, and I don't have very sensitive skin, but it is slightly sensitive. I reckon the perfume would mean this would cause very sensitive skin to flare up, but generally it's ok with me. 

And check out my first action shot on the blog!