Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sancerre Rose

Price: £7.99

Score (out of five): 5

Review: well, the fact that the photo includes two empty bottles of the stuff should be testimony enough to the fact this is very nice wine indeed. Funnily enough it was a bit of marketing genius by Lidl that got me writing this blog in the first place. Their "Wine Cellar" had appeared in our local store quite a while ago, but after getting my fingers severely burnt with their wine in the past (a bottle of red that was so unpalatable even by the end of necking the bottle in one night it still made me gag) I tread wearily through said section of fake wine boxes. But then they included a brochure, with reviews and scores in The Observer so like a dutiful Guardian reader I trotted down with my brochure in hand and stocked-up.

And, my, did we like the Sancerre Rose. When it came back in this summer's wine cellar brochure I was back there like a shot. Now, I know bugger all about wine apart from how to describe it like Jilly Goolden. But I know I usually loathe roses for being sickly sweet. This rose is a very light colour and in the setting sun it just glows golden. I've not noticed the nose because I neck it too fast, I'm afraid, but if it's well chilled, it's crisp and complex, like a very good dry white wine but with a little bit more richness from the grape skins. Basically, exactly as I'd like a rose to be. The only problem with it is rationing it.

Oh, and previously I've done a gushing review on here of the W5 All-in-1 Dishwasher tablets. The two wine glasses are identical - bought in the same six pack of cheap Bohemian Crystal glasses from TK-Maxx. The one on the right was dishwashed with Finish. The one on the left has only ever been dishwashed with Lidl W5 All-in-1 tablets. Need I say more?