Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Lidl Valentines Present

Price: wine £25.99; rose bush £3.99; card 99p

Score (out of five): 5

Review: my wonderful partner is currently busying himself in the kitchen making a cheese souffle for our dinner. Because he is so wonderful I thought I'd attempt to treat him to a Lidl Valentine's day.

I went in the Sunday before Valentine's day I spied the cards and was quite surprised how non-awful they were, so picked the one pictured, which did the job in a suitably non-gender specific way. It even had bits stuck on, which usually bumps the price of cards up to £3+ at most shops.

On the Thursday before Valentine's day I went back in to pick up the rest, even though I'd seen the big signs advertising flowers and gifts due in on Friday 13th. Even so, I managed to pick up a living red rose bush for £3.99 in a very nice bag, and one of the bottle of the Haute-Medoc they're selling, the second most expensive wine in stock. When the £28 bill came up at the till the checkout operator double-checked as she couldn't believe I'd spent that much, and then she informed me that the only other person buying that wine was the store manager. The wine was really nice - we had it with Lidl beef bourguignon pies (review coming up). Definitely worth the investment and it would be one I'd happily bring along to a very posh dinner party.

So, all in all, a Lidl Valentine's day worked very well indeed.

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