Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Gingerbread Hearts with Apricot (coated in dark Chocolate)

My second 12 Days of Christmas post, is a guest post!

Price:  99p  for 300g

Score (out of 5):  4.5

For years we only ever went to Lidl at Christmas time.  That was because we had discovered these Lebkuchen.  Unfortunately, most years we only remembered to look for them in December. BIG MISTAKE.  October-November is the prime time.  Now that we’re more regular Lidl shoppers, the big challenge is to not eat them until December…

We’ve tried lebkuchen from some other places, but the Lidl ones remain our favourite, and by far the best value.  My only complaint would be that they can be a bit bashed up at times when you open the packet.   They also do milk chocolate ones for the same price.   But the sweetness of the apricot jam filling is nicely offset by the darker chocolate.

Lebkuchen are not their only gingerbread product, of course., but I find their Gingerbread rounds (79p or £1.49 for the posh ones)  a little too dry.  On the other hand, the Honey and Hazelnut gingerbreads (£1.79) , which look like little stars, are our new best find of the year, but rather pricier.

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