Sunday, 23 November 2014

Green Grocer's Frozen Petit Pois

Yes, that is a Lidl frozen lobster peeking out underneath...
Price: 99p

Score (out of five): 5

Review: frozen things are something Lidl do really well. I think this is because in continental Europe frozen food isn't seen as naff as it is in the UK. It's recognised that freezing is a great way to preserve and then serve great food. I remember listening to a Food Programme on Radio 4 a while back about the poshest supermarket chain in France that is essentially what we'd call Iceland.

Lidl's frozen petit pois really are excellent. They're such a bright shade of green it's vaguely worrying. They're frozen quickly so don't come as a solid block. I'd say they're better than Bird's Eye, and way better than the Tesco's own brand petit pois. What's more, you don't pay over the odds for wanting your peas a bit smaller and with a posh French name. 

Last Christmas I made a pea and ham soup and had forgotten to soak split peas, so I made it with most of the bag of these and it was delicious - such a sweet and vivid flavour. Like a cool summer evening in a bowl

They even have the greengrocer's apostrophe in the right place on Green Grocer's. A definite must-buy for the middle class freezer.

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