Saturday, 15 November 2014

First post - Milbona Turkish style yoghurt

So, this is my first review!

Price: £1.49

Score (out of five): 4

Review: alas, I have to start my first review with a slight qualifier here. I do sports training quite a bit, so I mainly eat my yoghurt with a spoon of banana-flavoured whey protein mixed into it, which is obviously not going to be to everyone's taste.

Allowing for that, the Milbona Turkish Style yoghurt is very good indeed. It's about the same price as a half of the amount in Tescos. It's lovely and thick (10% fat) and and has an excellent flavour and texture. 

I'm sure if I were Turkish or Greek then I would have tried better - it is Turkish "style" after all. But the nearest I have tried to it is Tesco Finest Greek yoghurt which is £1.60 for 500g and that comes from Macedonia. I'd happily serve this as a light dessert at a middle class lunch party with some yoghurt and toasted almonds stirred through it. 

I also regularly buy the Milbona low fat Greek yoghurt and normal Greek yoghurt. Reviews of them will be forthcoming.


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  2. This is a delicious yoghurt. Let me give you the best ever dessert.
    A big dollop of yoghurt. Walnut pieces. Honey or maple syrup. Cinnamon to taste. Heavenly!

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