Saturday, 3 October 2015

Silver Crest Hand Blender Set

Price: £14.99

Score (out of five): 4 now 5

Review: we had a very good quality Moulinex version of this. We used the small food processor bit quite a lot as it was easier to clean than the large food processor we have. But alas the plastic clip at the top of the blades that plugs into the lid to make it spin broke, so that had to be disposed of.

And then one Thursday our Lidl Random Crap Aisle™ was stocked with these. Alas, I didn't have enough arms/bags to buy one so I sent my partner off to get one, which is a whole other story to be published soon. 

So, it works. Not much more to add really. Slightly disappointing the whisk attachment only has one whisk, and the plastic feels a bit brittle and plasticy. But, it blends. It dealt find with some quite tough lamb. When I blitzed a very nice beetroot and dill soup with it you could really feel the power of the motor pulling it down to the bottom of the pan. It's dishwasher safe with the wonderful W5 Dishwasher Tablets. The key thing, I suppose, will be how long it lasts and whether it can do things like mince cooked meat. I shall let you know. 

Update a month later: I've not used this a bit more and it's actually brilliant. The brittle plasticky feel is because it's actually really strong plastic and also it locks together really securely and satisfyingly. It has absolutely no problems cutting really tough cooked beef and actually found it easier than our large Kenwood mixer. Another win from Lidl.


  1. Hi, I have this blender & while it worked fine the chopper suddenly stopped working properly. It only spins when the bowl is empty & when there's food in it it either doesn't spin or when there's food in it it either hardly spins or doesn't at all. Can you help? Thank you.

  2. I bought a Lidl's mixer "Silver Crest", few months ago. After two uses ... burned. I complained and it was changed -from the German factory-, after a long process that could discourage any consumer, and an online service of a rare antipathy. The new blender arrived. After a few uses... burned again! On Lidl's website I see only negative comments relating the same problem (that I did not read at the time, shame on me!), but all ... with 5 stars (!?) -weird- This is simply a commercial fraud. It should be already in the courthouse. But nothing. It is so called quality and German honesty. I wonder what it would have said - and done - if the product was Italian. Do not buy anything from Silver Cast brand! Or, better said: not buy anything at Lidl!