Sunday, 9 August 2015

Crownfield Bran Flakes

Price: 45p (reduced)

Score (out of five): 0.5

Review: oh reader, the things I do for you. There's no photo with this post, even though I did actually go back and buy a second pack of these branflakes just to take a photo even though I really didn't like them. Alas, I forgot before the pack was finished.

I've eaten bran flakes for my breakfast for quite a few years after getting sick of dried coconut and raisins in fruit and fibre. I've become quite the expert in the various supermarket own-brands as it always seemed a tad pointless forking out for Kellogg's bran flakes when they essentially have three ingredients. I'd eventually settled on Tesco Everyday Value (89p for 750g).

I thought I'd give Lidl's brand a whirl. Oh deary me. The flakes become mush very quickly after you pour on the milk and they are far too sweet. After the first spoon it's a bit like eating over-sugared Weetabix mush combined with Ready Brek. Really not a pleasant texture or flavour. After the second packet I was just about getting used to them. You might like this texture/flavour combo (I can imagine they'd be a good way to get kids to eat a vaguely healthy cereal) but it's definitely not for me. Sorry, Lidl, on this one Tesco beat you.

However, after coming back from holiday, I've discovered Lidl granola.

Review coming up! 

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