Friday, 3 April 2015

Rowanfield Hot Cross Buns

Price: 75p

Score (out of five): 2 1/2

Review: at this time of year I do like a bit of hot cross bun with my butter, as you'll see. Hot cross buns are a funny one - I've spent a small fortune on "finest" or "extra special" ones and been mightily disappointed that they are just over-spiced and over-sweet. What I'm looking for in a hot cross bun is a light, fluffy texture, a good amount of fruit evenly spread, and a good kick of spice. When toasted they should have a nice crispy outside too.

So, how do Lidl's compare? I'm afraid not very well. They were a bit doughy and not light and fluffy enough. The spice was there, but did not have that kick that leaves you smacking your lips. And unfortunately when toasted they don't get that crispiness, they're just a bit wangy.

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